About Us

Dr. Ir. Parluhutan Manurung
CEO Luwes Solusi Spasial

In early 2020, Luwes Solusi Spasial was invented as a company that provides 3D mapping solutions using Handheld Laser Scanners. Until these days, Luwes Solusi Spasial is still open with 3D Laser Scanner mapping services for the needs of Architecture, Construction, BIM, Topography, and Land Surveying.

At the beginning of 2021,, Luwes Solusi Spasial decided to start providing solutions with new technologies for machine health monitoring. By beginning a partnership with Erbessd Instruments, Luwes Solusi Spasial offers Machine Health Analysis and Monitoring Systems on vibration, temperature, amperage, and more. According to the needs of making Industry 4.0 and smart factories become reality, the system is designed with the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT). Luwes Solusi Spasial is set to provide the updated solutions for the goods of the customer.


Luwes Inovasi Mandiri was founded at the end of 2014 to provide a variety of monitoring services with the motto "reliable solution with real-time monitoring". This company provides monitoring services for water levels, GPS, and Structural Health Monitoring.
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The most highlighted thing from the Internet of Things (IoT) is that everyone can do any job anywhere, especially when it comes to monitoring. Monitoring is a continuous matter. If it cannot be done on a mobile basis, the budget for monitoring might be very high and ineffective. That is why we provide this mobile-based monitoring system.


The main purpose of the invention of new technology is to do and to get anything efficiently. The invention must have made by considering energy, time, and cost. We are here providing new solutions at very affordable prices. We would get you the most affordable service we could ever give.


One of the most concerning parts of new technology is accuracy. Just because we don't get used to new technology, it doesn't mean they are not reliable. We provide the solution which is equipped with complete features to sample the data accurately. We choose to provide a wireless vibration sensor system because it is the most accurate method to detect problems. We also provide balancing machine and laser alignment to support the needs of precision.


In principle, we will always provide services based on client needs. What our clients want to discuss, we will be open to it. Therefore, we embrace the principle of solution-based. We hope to provide solutions which could answer the problems of our client.