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Vibration Analysis & Vibration Monitoring

The Erbessd Instrument Kit is capable of displaying an FFT with more than 1 million Resolution Lines as well as measuring Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement and Acceleration Envelope based on its high-quality Accelerometer and Laser sensor. Our analyzers will provide the ability to:

  1. Imbalance
  2. Bearing failures
  3. Mechanical looseness
  4. Misalignment
  5. Resonance and natural frequencies
  6. Electrical faults in motors
  7. Bent shaft
  8. Gearbox failures
  9. Cavitation in pumps
  10. Critical speeds
The Vibration Measuring Tool is used to check machine vibration, even to correct it in some cases. In addition, the measurements are recorded very accurately and converted into different parameters to identify errors.

Vibration Analyzer | Balancer


The best option for route recording and balancing in the field. A complete vibration analyzer with advanced function in a very intuitive interface.

Online Monitoring System


Newest technology in wireless sensors: Vibration, Speed, Temperature, Amperage, Universal Protection wireless sensors. Send data to the cloud, monitor everywhere.

Wireless Triaxial Accelerometer


Universally adaptable. Apps included for IOS devices. Cloud based route collection.

Dynamic Balancing Solutions

Laser Alignment System


Is the simplest & easiest to use laser shaft alignment experience available.

Dynamic Balancing Machine


Universal Soft Bearing Balancing Machines.

Soft Bearing Suspensions for Balancer


Build your own Balancing Machine with these Soft Bearing Suspensions. High precision guaranteed.