Dragon Vision: Real Life ODS – Motion Magnification – See the Invisible

What is Real Life ODS?

Real Life ODS is a Motion Magnification method that allows you to create Maps with data collected by any accelerometer or vibration sensors to create a Real life ODS. These signals allow you to precisely visualize the vibration patterns on static photos of your actual equipment accordingly.

Motion Magnification of the data on the real equipment will save time, reveal the system low frequency and phase problems by means of a clear animation. Increasing the number of measured points will increase the fidelity of the visual representation on your equipment. Bring the benefits of ODS analysis to real life, without the need of complex 3D CAD models.

The measured equipment is captured from different angles by a camera. Simply load the image files taken with any camera and let Dragon Vision show you the condition of your equipment in a Real Life ODS.

Simple Steps to achieve Motion Magnification

Dragon Vision uses a reference accelerometer signal and a mapping accelerometer that measures different regions of the machine in order to generate motion magnification maps amplifying the movement detected with the accelerometer and showing the result on photos of the measured equipment. The more measuring points you feed into the program, the amplified vibration map will have higher resolution and you will be able to see more details.

The Real Life ODS – Motion Magnification

Dragon Vision ODS allows you to use the well known power of the accelerometers to enchance the vibration in ways the human eye cannot see.

First, the user loads the signals, photos of the equipment and selects the measured points. Next, Dragon Vision ODS applies bandpass filters to the spectrum (FFT) to eliminate noise. Finally, the program creates 2D amplified vibration maps using data from time waves by applying computer vision algorithms to the image. The resulting map shows small, and high frequency displacements and deflections that were not visible to the human eye. Virtually, making a real life ODS.

Analize with the accuracy you know

With the help of any accelerometer, instead of a video recording, you can detect up to 15,000 Hz in any axis and with very high precision. With this, you’ll be able to detect bearing issues, gearbox problems and many, many more.

Motion magnification or Motion amplification analysis tools from competitive systems that use solely a video camera for data collection are quite limited. Using accelerometers allows you to analyze a wide variety of problems within your machines with the same accuracy you know from other systems.

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