Digivibe – Vibration Analyzer & Data Collector

Digivibe Wireless Vibration Analyzer and Data Collector is replacing analyzers all over the world. Its easy connectivity and fast data collection timings make it the most convenient solution for vibration analysis nowadays.

Digivibe products are the Vibration Analyzers with the largest number of functions in the market. They integrate advanced functions for Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Balancing with new Triaxial Wireless technology making them more portable and versatile. Furthermore, their compatibility with current mobile devices make them very easy to use and ultra-portable. Meet our improved functions for bearing and gearbox analysis!

Digivibe – Wireless Technology

Vibration Analyzers have never been so portable. Our Triaxial Accelerometer communicates with mobile phones and computers in real time. So, Digivibe is able to generate FFT of more than 1 Million lines of resolution. Additionally, we created apps for Windows and iOS that complement and communicate with each other, and the best thing is that they are all included in the package.

Different Variants


Digivibe M30

Vibration Analyzer + Portable Balancer: Features all the capability available in Digivibe. Including 3D ODS simulations, Balancing ETC.


Digivibe M20

Vibration Analyzer: Includes all vibration analysis functions like Routes, ODS, FFT, Bearing and Gearbox analysis.


Digivibe M10

Portable Balancer: Includes all Balancing functions + basic Vibration Analysis functions like FFT, Time Wave Form, Harmonics ETC.

Add Machines Easily

Registering a machine has never been so easy. Just select the machine from the library and go. In exchange, the system will use your 3D model for ODS (3D movement simulations). Live the 3D experience, this was never so easy.

Live the 3D experience

ODS 3D simulations of machinery vibration are very easy to create. In fact, you can include them in any route and execute them within a click. Moreover, their interpretation is very easy, even for users with little experience.

Analyze your Bearings with Digivibe

Our Vibration Analyzers include a database of more than 25,000 bearings. In other words, you are able to identify the particular fault frequencies for each one of them.

Digivibe has a large database of bearings, as well as an automatic tool for the detection of early bearing failures. Some specific frequencies are directly related to the geometry of the rolling elements. These frequencies are continuously monitored by our software to warn you about possible premature failures in order to avoid unscheduled stoppages.

Collect data on your Smartphone

Record routes on your phone or tablet with the same quality, at no cost. Your data will be uploaded automatically to the cloud and you can analyze it on your mobile, computer or directly from your browser.

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